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Hi there!

From the 27th February 2017 we've been streaming stills from the fresco project. This is an exciting project to paint an image of the transfiguration onto the curved wall of the Lancaster (UK) University Catholic Chapel.

Over a period of 10 days, the artist sketched and painted the image. The painting has given character to the chapel, making it stand out to passers by, as well as being stimulating for worshippers.

The Artist, Aidan Hart is a professional iconographer with works all across the globe. As well as fresco, Aidan carves stone & wood and teaches iconography.

We have applied over 2 tons of lime plaster to the wall to create the correct painting surface. This is essential to the historic art of fresco.

(For those who are interested, this is actually a secco painting. Seccos use a dry lime plaster wall, while strictly speaking a fresco is painted on wet plaster.)

Day by day progress