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Glue makes it easy to find data, from all over your company, instantly.

Answer the phone with confidence, look up customer details rapidly, and drive personalised service. Or run annual reports with minimal setup.

Whatever your technical knowledge, Glue will speed up your workflow, and drive powerful business applications tailored to your exact needs. And anyone can set it up.

1   Draw model

Using the model editor, draw out the structure of your database.
Use simple blocks to choose tables and columns.

This model finds customers by First Name or Customer ID
Or build a super model for your database, and reuse it
This example is for Microsoft's Adventure Works database

2   Setup routes

An optional step for more control

Define the input data, and Glue finds the path to your templates.
Auto display shows the results, or you can code your own custom look.

3   Run reports

Run the same reports repeatedly without going back to the previous steps

Pop in the starting values, and hit run.
Glue finds the results and presents them in your report, in a fraction of a second*.

Individual users can build their own reports, or administrators can share them throughout an organisation.

Linking routes together to construct applications & processes. Networks of reports, make whole data management systems simple.


  • Makes all data accessible to anybody, with minimal training

  • Simple, one-time setup

  • Look up similar information repeatedly

  • Carry out specialist reporting

  • Streamlines the data you already have

  • Faster and more repeatable than typed SQL


Glue is currently available through the early access programme. This programme is free, just apply below.

Glue will offer a scaled pricing policy to accommodate small and large enterprises. There will be a free commercial licence for small businesses.

Early Access Programme

The programme is for anyone, from techies to technophobes. You'll get the chance to drill into your data sooner, with extra guidance and support.

We accept registration from individuals and companies, and you can report back on features and problems using our online support system. Language information

We offer support for the Early Access Programme primarily in English, followed by other European languages.

* The speed of Glue is measured against a simple first name search ('Paul') run against our basic model, which uses a standard version of the Microsoft Adventure Works database. The model finds the appropriate people, links to the customer table, finds what geographical region the customer is in, gets the customer phone number, and generates a simple report, with an average processing time of 0.27 seconds. We use this as a simple test to return information like it would be in the real world.